Spring has arrived and as South Africa moves into Lockdown Level 1 more people are putting on their masks and dusting their handbags for some fun in the sun.

Whether you’re on a lunch date, date night, sightseeing, weekend getaway, or casual Saturday braai, there’s a stylish bag for every occasion.

Choosing the perfect bag can be tricky, so we’ve narrowed it down to 10 styles that celebrities wear.

Top handle bag

The top handle bag is the quintessential feminine accessory.

Due to its frame and flattering shape, available in all sizes, you too can now have this Olivia Palermo aesthetic.

Take a page from this celebrity’s book and opt for a bright piece to wear in your hand or in the crook of your arm. This timeless, neutral-tone bag would be perfect for a neat office look.

Bucket bag

The classic bucket bag has always had its place in the influencer wardrobe.

Here singer and actress Selena Gomez is on vacation in Italy. And we have to admit that this neutral bucket bag that she carried, completed the look.

The beauty of the bucket bag is that you can store everything you need in it. They also often have adjustable straps, which makes them extremely functional and chic.

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is one of the ultimate ’90s accessories for work and play scenarios.

Celebrity Bella Hadid flaunts her vintage look with her Louis Vuitton version.

This is the bag that you are likely to use a lot, so go for neutral colors. Or if you like the vintage look like Hadid, go to the thrift store or apply an original patch to your checkered shoulder bag.


If you’re someone who never leaves the house without your essentials, then this bag is for you.

Whether it’s a book you can’t put down or a portable coffee bottle, there’s plenty of space in this bag.

Vanessa Hudgens seems to love her tote bag, and has chosen a woven version for her vacation. Warmer weather calls for a woven or fabric tote.


The pouch style is ideal for brunches, parties and formal galas.

Lucy Hale has Instagramed her oversized clutch on numerous occasions. She shows how a lighter colored clutch can really amplify a vintage daytime look.

Shoulder strap

From Alexa Chung and Emma Roberts to Kendall Jenner on the front of the South Korea, September issue, the shoulder bag is versatile enough to take you from day to night.

Woven basket

While the braided basket is great for the beach, it also makes a functional mini basket.

Chrissy Teigen decided to take her braided basket on vacation to Thailand. Looking at where she is, we think she may have brought it to fill her with toys

Banana bag

Many female celebrities, like Rihanna, swear by the “fanny pack”.

On Instagram, you can see her wearing the bag on her chest. So when you go out, you can relax knowing that your belongings will be safe, especially if your jacket is worn over the bag.

If you are looking for a more understated look, opt for woven fabrics in neutral colors.

Quilted bag

It is a bag with a glamorous and high-end look.

This quilted accessory is extremely versatile and just large enough to accommodate necessities such as a cell phone, wallet, sanitizer, and lip gloss.

It’s also a timeless one, as you can see in the all-white outfit Kylie Jenner recreated on Instagram.

Weekend bag

Whether it’s a getaway with your partner or a slumber party with your best friend, the weekender bag is your hero.

Actresses Anne Hathaway and Lupita Nyong’o and Khloe Kardashian True’s baby girl are all fans of the super roomy bag. They can hold everything from your neck pillow to the bare essentials.

The weekender is available in different sizes and colors, so you can choose the style that best suits your travel needs.

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