Part of what turns a fashionable person from a trendsetter to a household name is instantly recognizable style. Think of the monochrome looks of Kim Kardashian, the man-woman mission of Victoria Beckham, the sculpted shoulder blazers of Grace Jones and the mermaid silhouettes of Sofia Vergara. In an ever-changing industry, a little consistency is sometimes refreshing. Coming up, we take a look at some of fashion’s biggest hitters and the iconic accessories that make up their branded style.

Anna wintour

No one is as revered for their choice of shady accessories as Anna Wintour. Whether she is in the Vogue office, in the front row of parades or photographed by paps in the street, Wintour is never spotted without a huge pair of Chanel Sun glasses. Her favorite silo may no longer be in rotation, but you can shop for similar styles online.

Diane von furstenburg

The DVF house was built on her perennial wrap dress, but look closely and you’ll see that Diane von Furstenberg is rarely without a set of statement bracelets. No wonder she teamed up with a luxury jewelry brand H. Stern for a collaboration of solid and sparkling bracelets worthy of an icon.

Karl Lagerfeld

To say that Uncle Karl has a stylish uniform would be an understatement. Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t leave the house without a hodgepodge of strict accessories to complete his outfit. A black tie, flashy chain, and some sort of brooch or pin attached to it are just the start of his OOTD. Designer Chanel and Fendi has a weakness for vintage Cartier clasps from the 20s, but he keeps accessorizing them … no no, there are motorcycle gloves, pinkie rings, his sunglasses, Choupette (his cat) on one arm, and then his rubber band hair, of course.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel has made a name for herself with her exaggerated persona, savvy fashion advice and eclectic wardrobe. From prints mixed with OTT details, the fashion darling has always played her * dangerous. * Her most notable contribution to our lives, however, has been the multitude of oversized necklaces that have become her trademark. Although Apfel has reportedly marked her treasures over the years in stores around the world, you can get your hands on similar styles through her. Rara Review by Iris Apfel collection for HSN.

Sarah Jessica Parker

You didn’t think we could include SJP and not talk about shoes, did you? Much like her iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her sky-high heels – specifically, her wide range of dazzling shoes. Manolo Blahnik high heels. The actress turned fashion designer even created her own shoe brand, the SJP Collection, in honor of his obsession with shoes, which features satin, ornaments and towering heights.

Carolina herrera

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but for Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, it all comes down to mega earrings at the estate level. Between simple stallions, long pendants and big colorful tears that most girls could only dream of rocking, Herrera’s number one love is always displayed on her earlobes. Interestingly enough, it was not inspired by its collection of the vintage era for the range of its namesake line of costume balls.

Rachel Zoe

As one of the most sought after stylists working today, Rachel Zoe knows how to create a thug. But there is one very distinct element that complements all of her bohemian-chic ensembles – and that is the loose or heavy material belt. Worn lightly on the hips (over a long, flowing dress, ideally), the multi-hyphen does effortlessly waist adornment better than the rest of us, favoring vintage Judith Leiber and Hermès for its tightening needs. .

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