Want to break into the world of fashion, or just want to enjoy its glory? Then it’s time to head to the bookstore. From memoirs to fashion guides, bookstores are filled with fashion novels and memoirs. It’s the best way to get your fashion education without ever setting foot in a classroom. Want to learn how to be the next Anna Wintour or how to style your new LBD? Well, there is a book for you. It’s amazing how many insider secrets await you in these glossy pages. Who needs a degree when you can get to the bookstore?

One of my favorite things about reading fashion novels is learning how the best professionals in the business got started. Whether it’s modeling, like Grace Coddington, or selling a stolen book, like Sophia Amoruso, everyone has an interesting story. It’s not just champagne and podiums either. There is so much hard work in fashion design that a lot of people never see. Getting to see behind the glitz and glamor of the fashion industry can be absolutely thrilling if you are something of a style nerd. Wondering which fashion books you should check out? Here are some of my favorite recommendations for anyone who enjoys reading about the world of fashion.

1. Grace: a thesis by Grace Coddington

You know this one was coming, right? It is a necessity. Grace Coddington is the famous Creative Director of American Vogue , and has a lot to say about her time in the fashion industry. This beautifully written novel details Coddington’s time as a model as well as his transition to writing. It’s a perfect read for anyone who wants to get behind the scenes at one of the best magazines in the world of fashion.

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2. The beautiful autumn: fashion, genius and glorious excess in the Paris of the 1970s by Alicia Drake

Chronicle of the rivalry between two emblematic designers, Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, the book beautifully describes the world of fashion in 1970s Paris. From love to couture outfits, this novel covers everything. You will not be able to let go.

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3. The little black book of style by Nina Garcia

Want the ultimate guide to modern style? Well who better to give it to you than SHEthe fashion director, Nina Garcia.

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4. ALT: A thesis by André Léon Talley

Are you looking to work in the fashion industry? So André Leon Talley is a name you have to know. ALT is Talley’s personal story of how a six foot seven inch African American man from North Carolina became one of the most influential people in the fashion industry.

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5. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is a real badass. In #GirlBoss, Amoruso illustrates how she created and developed Nasty Gal from scratch. This story takes so many unexpected turns and will leave you feeling inspired.

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6. This by Alexa Chung

Who doesn’t like Alexa Chung? This book is a collection of Chung’s personal writings, photographs and drawings. This gives great insight into the model’s daily life as well as her personal thoughts on everything from music to styling.

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7. The woman I wanted to be by Diane von Furstenberg

Talk about an inspiring read! In this novel, von Furstenberg details her intimate personal life and how she became one of the best designers in the world. It’s absolutely fascinating and will give you a new perspective on the famous designer.

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8. Living in style: inspiration and tips for everyday glamor by Rachel Zoé

This book is about living the most elegant life possible. From dinner parties to cocktail dresses, Zoe has it all. Consider this book as your go-to guide to oozing fashion.

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9. Coco Chanel: an intimate life by Lisa Chaney

There is only one, Coco Chanel. Her work, her designs and her life are absolutely timeless in the fashion world. Lisa Chaney’s book gives an insight into the personal life of the famous designer.

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Now, make yourself comfortable with your favorite Pendleton blanket and start reading.

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