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The latest men’s grooming trends to snag now.

Gone are the days when male celebrities shy away from a little men’s grooming, like a well-placed concealer or hairspray before stepping on the red carpet. “Now my clients come in and say, ‘Make me look like you for X person,'” says the Los Angeles-based men’s groomer Lauren Kaye Cohenwho has prepared an endless list of stars such as Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rami Malek for high-profile events and photoshoots over the past 20 years.

What exactly is causing this change, you might be wondering? Beauty-conscious celebrities like Timothée Chalamet, Henry Golding and Harry Styles (thanks in part to their makeup artists) have rethought the boundaries of male grooming. And some experts (like TikToker Cat Quinn) note the power to groom the “female gaze” – which means less restriction and more creativity.

“We all want to look our best, but the reality is that we also want to attract whoever we want to find us attractive. I think guys are realizing more and more that when they put in a little bit more effort, it shows,” Cohen says.

Read on for Cohen’s top tips and the biggest men’s grooming trends right now:

Ready to join the meeting?

“Clients who are in the Zoom world have become more focused on making their hair, eyes and skin look really put together because their faces take up the whole screen and that’s all everyone sees,” Cohen says. Years of wearing masks also had a huge effect, with many experiencing more skin irritation. As a result, more and more men are wearing facial hair not only to be able to avoid daily shaving, but also to be more comfortable while wearing a mask. However, overgrown beards are a thing of the past. “Now the look of facial hair is a little tighter, shorter, and much neater,” says Cohen. For effortless hair between washes (and even after the gym), cleansing texturizing spray is man’s new best friend.

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Golden arches for victory

Cohen says well-groomed brows are key to giving your look that certain I do not know what because they frame your whole face. Although she says excessive grooming is definitely off limits, try to define the overall shape of your brows and clean up the areas in between. “Our faces aren’t symmetrical, so we’ll never have the same eyebrows and we shouldn’t try,” says Cohen, who explains that the biggest pitfall for men trying to tinker with their eyebrows is standing too close. from the mirror trying. to make every brow look exactly the same (and get carried away quickly.) “Step back after plucking every two or three hairs and make sure you’re sticking to their natural shape.” A set of good-quality, easy-to-handle tweezers is essential (Cohen says these are always the best.) As a finishing touch, Fiber brow gel by Tom Ford is the most natural as it is not shiny and does not dry out or flake. “Wipe first like the tip, so it doesn’t deposit too much product, and apply sparingly,” says Cohen.

Let go of tired eyes

“A lot of customers really like eye masks,” says Cohen, who is obsessed with these 111Skin gel masks as they instantly brighten and tighten the skin and eliminate puffy eyes. Cohen is also a fan of the Foreo UFO 2 masking device, which is great technology for guys because they can track the app on their phone and get event-ready results in three minutes. “I always use it with the Youth Junkie Mask, which is collagen-infused and great for the whole face,” she says.

Grooming trends for men
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Polish is here to stay

As more and more men turn to nail color to express themselves, Cohen (who painted longtime client Steven Tyler’s nails for over a decade!) says doing a little work extra with your manicure will go a long way. “A lot of guys just apply polish without a base or topcoat, but it looks like a little kid did it and it definitely won’t last that long,” she says. While dark hues like black and navy are must-haves, the new must-haves are offbeat neutrals. think this cool gray, sage green Where classy espresso shadow. Since you draw special attention to your hands, don’t forget to treat them (and those dry cuticles) with a luxurious hand cream. This anti-aging formula from Dr. Barbara Strum is one of Cohen’s favorite pre-red carpet treatments because it leaves no residue and can even be applied the night before for great results.

A little concealer goes a long way

All you need to keep your eyes clear and bright 24/7 is a small dab of well-placed concealer. “I love using your fingertips for this because their little warmth helps the product blend seamlessly into your skin,” Cohen says. Use your ring finger to dab the inner corner of your eye first, then lightly work the product down and stop. Avoiding the urge to cover the entire under-eye area is the trick to keeping makeup invisible while getting results, Cohen says. The other key? Apply a good eye cream first, which helps the concealer stay super smooth and resist fine lines. For a wide variety of shades and a super lightweight consistency, Cohen turns to this formulawhich is a reserve in his kit.

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