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The brand’s first performance garments use the naturally thermoregulating, low-carbon Allbirds blend, wicking moisture and reducing odors of eucalyptus fiber + merino wool.

The brand known for creating the ‘world’s most comfortable shoes’, using forward-thinking sustainable fabrics like cane and plant-based faux leather, and partnering with global giants like Adidas on the shoe with the lowest carbon footprint on record, launched its debut workout clothing collection. Allbirds sportswear, which invented the Natural Run Apparel line, is there and at the heart of the San Francisco-based brand’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Allbirds’ first line of performance clothing, which was designed for all kinds of workouts and rolls out today with six different styles including bike shorts and a cropped tank top, uses the Eucalyptus blend at low in carbon and naturally thermoregulatory, wicking away moisture and reducing odors. Tree fiber + Merino wool.

And with the recent IPCC climate change report painting a particularly grim picture of the next 30 years of climate crisis, the environmentally conscious and carbon conscious collection couldn’t have come at a better time.

According to Allbirds, the fabric widely used by the sports industry – polyester – “runs on enough oil to power 47,000 cruise ships and releases 700 million tonnes of carbon (70 million football fields) into the atmosphere every year”. It also lives permanently on our seabed, the polyester producing 14 million tons of microplastics which break down into tiny particles, but will never dissipate completely. Despite this, the fabric is used in 55% of all garments due to its low production costs – and that includes a lot of training equipment.

Now, after two years of testing, over 70 iterations and thousands of hours of testing to make sure it meets industry standards for breathability, sweat wicking, quick drying and comfortable stretch to ensure that nothing has been compromised in terms of performance or low carbon impact, the Allbirds sportswear collection has been launched. Particularly noteworthy is the Natural Legging, whose lightweight jersey was found to be twice as breathable as the best synthetic styles on the market in testing. Plus, leggings * and * bike shorts offer that elusive level of mid-level support that lets you feel contained without suffocating. I also have a weakness for the Run Short although I am not a real runner – the airy figure is perfect with sneakers and a muscular t-shirt for a day of racing.

It is also the first fitness collection already to label its parts with their carbon numbers. Transparency: we love to see it.

Shop the full collection of Allbirds sportswear, with styles for men and women and sizes from XS to XXXL, below. Visit all to discover all the color ranges.

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