Both said they initially remained silent about the incidents for fear of being excluded from the fashion industry.

Max Clark, a senior fashion writer and stylist at iD, was suspended last week pending an independent investigation involving an outside lawyer.

Mr Clark, who has worked for iD since 2014 and has produced photoshoots for British Vogue, as well as campaigns for Burberry and Ralph Lauren, strongly denies any allegations of sexual harassment or any other form of sexual misconduct.

Founded in 1980, the bimonthly magazine established itself as a fashion industry bible and featured Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna.

The new allegations follow a sexual harassment scandal at i-D’s parent company, Vice Media, in 2017 – the year Havey Weinstein’s revelations sparked the global #MeToo movement against sexual harassment of women.

One of the women alleging abuse wrote online last week: “Just in case anyone wants confirmation that the #metoo movement has changed absolutely nothing.”

She claimed that Vice knew more than 15 women who had complained of harassment, although the company disputes that the total is so high.

It is understood that many women were in junior positions at the time of the alleged harassment.

An alleged victim wrote on social media: “All [complainants] were too afraid to come forward because they didn’t want to risk their place in the industry.

“We all know that fashion assistants are poorly paid and work in precarious conditions and it was not something they thought they could do.”

She added that a senior official had “used his position of power to harass by sending unsolicited photos, unsolicited sex messages.”

The second woman to be released to the public, who was still on probation at iD during the alleged incident after the 2016 industry event, said her “fashion editor” “broke into my room by wearing only his underwear, refusing to leave or go out and asked he stayed in bed with me “.

She added, “At this point, I had been in my role for six weeks, on probation, and I was terrified that if my roommate called the police, I would be fired and I would lose my job.

“He was so high up in the fashion industry and no one would ever believe me.”

A spokesperson for Vice said he was not aware of any complaints of sexual harassment against other staff and that only Mr Clark had been suspended.

Mr. Clark’s listing on his management company Artistry’s website has been removed, as has his Instagram profile.

Artistry said in a statement: “We have a zero tolerance policy for any allegation of this nature and we will not represent / promote any person in connection with such a serious investigation.”

A spokesperson for Max Clark said: “Mr. Clark denies any allegation of sexual harassment or any other form of sexual misconduct in the strongest terms and will use all legal avenues at his disposal to clear his name.”

A spokesperson for Vice said, “We take these allegations very seriously and deal with them according to our established standards and processes.

“We have retained the services of an independent external investigator to investigate the allegations and in order not to compromise the integrity of the investigation, we are quite limited in what we can say at this point.

“What we can unequivocally say is that we strive to maintain a working environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and as such we immediately took the appropriate steps to ensure that we provide a safe working environment for our employees and partners. “

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