Photograph courtesy of Netflix

A real girl for girls.

If you watched Netflix’s latest dating show, Bachelor’s Hell, you will know the 25-year-old influencer Song Ji-a as the star of the series. With 3 million Instagram followers and 1.75 million YouTube subscribers, the internet darling became a global sensation after appearing in the Korean reality series.

Ji-a captivated male contestants (and viewers) with her charm and doe eyes during the nine-day saga set on Saseungbong’s deserted “hell” island, Ongjin. Her enviable looks and wardrobe aside, Ji-a knew what she wanted and didn’t compromise on her standards. Plus, the star’s support for her competitors made it clear that she’s a the girl’s daughter. Who wouldn’t support her?

On TikTok and Twitter, users have felt empowered by Ji-a’s “I don’t chase, I attract” attitude, with some claiming to be channeling that same energy for 2022.

In addition to Ji-a’s wise but confident attitude, the public also looked at her designer wardrobe which reflects a gwiyeobgo segsihada image (“cute and sexy” in English). From her Chanel mesh top and fuzzy Prada bag to Van Cleef & Arpels earrings, Ji-a isn’t afraid to show off her stylish acquisitions. At Bachelor’s Hell, Ji-a opted for classic yet feminine looks that (on occasion) draw the eye to her cleavage. You’ll often see her in tight tops, mini skirts, and houndstooth patterns, but she’s also made a few appearances in flirty beach dresses that featured a low-cut neckline or open back.

Whether you want to channel Ji-a emotionally or aesthetically, we’ve got some tips for recreating her immaculate wardrobe. Click through the gallery below to check out some “cute and sexy” looks inspired by Ji-a.

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