When it comes to star-studded affairs, film industry events like the Oscars are often a priority. But, in fact, one of the most interesting and lively cultural events to roll out the red carpet every year and attract celebrities in droves is the Met Gala.

This year’s benefit is just a few days away – which will be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4. One of the most exciting aspects of the Met Ball is the annual theme, which always correlates with the museum’s upcoming Costume Institute exhibit. Celebs are known to embrace these themes in their gala wardrobe choices, with elaborate, sometimes wild results. Think Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mohawk headdress and Christian Louboutin checkered thigh-high boots – now that was a great example of total commitment. And we don’t know about you, but we loved the look.

So what can you expect this year? The spring 2015 exhibition, which will run from May 7 to August 16, is called “China: Through the Looking Glass”. A collaboration between the Costume Institute and the Department of Asian Art, it will highlight how Chinese aesthetics and imagery have influenced Western fashion, cinema and art.

We’re already dreaming of the Asian-inspired designs and rich fabrics our favorite celebrities will be donning for this year’s Met Ball. In the meantime, we’ve taken a look at some of the best shoes to walk the red carpet over the past few years. Quickly scroll through our gallery for a reminder. These looks can be hard to beat, but our hopes are high as we approach Monday’s event.

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