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And all the fashion and media collaborations, for that matter.

There’s a special joy to reliving the excitement of a medium – be it a movie, series or video game – in the clothes you wear.

Netflix is ​​getting it, after striking up trendy partnerships with fan-favorite series like Bridgerton and Emily in Paris. His most recent is a collaboration between the Japanese streetwear brand A bathing monkey (BAPE) and the streamer most watched show nowadays, squid game.

The dystopian series, which premiered in September 2021, follows a group of debt-ridden characters who, out of desperation, enter a seemingly harmless competition with a simple premise: play traditional children’s games for the chance to win a prize. cash prize. But after a game of Statues, players learn that there can only be one winner, and anyone who gets knocked out of the game gets murdered — that’s really graphic, FYI.

The BAPE collection (not yet available in Canada) includes three basic t-shirts with various graphic designs inspired by the show, including the famous numbers that contestants must wear to identify themselves – which is to say, it was underwhelming.

months later squid game, the series’ social media momentum hasn’t quite waned. Since the recent announcement of the clothing collaboration, research “squid game mode” increased by 163%, according to Love the Sales fashion market.

Even still, BAPE’s simple t-shirt designs have received a mixed response online, with some accusing the collection of lacking creativity. Meanwhile, other recent collaborations between clothing brands and popular media outlets have found viral success with designs that essentially copy and paste images.

For example, the Spanish luxury brand Loewe has launched a collaboration with the movie Studio Ghibli Taken away as if by magic January 7. Since Netflix Canada added 20 movies from the legendary animation studio to its library in 2020, its films have attracted a newly revitalized fan base. Loewe’s collection draws inspiration from this by taking beloved images from the 2001 film and transferring them to clothing and accessories.

Taken away as if by magic follows a 10-year-old girl who enters a whimsical world of Japanese spirits to save her parents from a curse. The clothing collection captures the film’s playful aesthetic, with hoodies, t-shirts, bags and accessories that mostly feature the faces of various characters.

A similar strategy was used for the collaboration between Marc Jacobs Paradise and the classic 1999 film by Sofia Coppola virgins who committed suicide. Set in the 1970s, the dark film explores the boredom and sadness of a group of sheltered teenage sisters.

The collaboration, which launched in October 2021, tapped into the film’s dreamy visuals and featured stills of principal Kirsten Dunst splashed across t-shirts, skirts, button-downs, hoodies and hats. bags.

Clothing collections that feature imagery from popular movies and TV are likely to be divisive. Inevitably, these coins can be interpreted as a money-out design or a true ode to the most popular imagery of our time.

Although much newer than virgins who committed suicide and Taken away as if by magic, squid gameThe poignant messages of class inequality have already made it a widely accepted classic. Creating a clothing line based on popular media with a strong heritage is difficult and will almost always elicit conflicting opinions.

BAPE’s upcoming line isn’t the first catwalk-inspired clothing collection, and it won’t be the last. In the future, should we expect similar cut-and-paste designs, or bolder and more creative takes on the world-renowned series?

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