Denise Mercedes (photography via INSTAGRAM.COM/@DENISEMMERCEDES), Lexson Millington (photography by LEXSON MILLINGTON) and mathieu simoneau (photography courtesy of Imaxtree).

And why you should too.

Another pandemic year has arrived, and before we enter (perhaps a little hesitantly) into 2022, we would like to thank some of the creators who sent our screen time averages through the roof in 2021. These accounts of TikTok style will inspire you to find new ways to bring your wardrobe to life this coming year. From body positivity to thrifty style and eco-friendly design, we’re presenting our roundup of designers we couldn’t live without last year.

For those looking for style accounts that include size, this New Jersey-based body positivity advocate will be blasting your way onto your TikTok influencer list in no time. Denise Mercedes has over 3.5 million followers who carefully watch her side-by-side outfit posts in which she and her #stylenotsize co-founder, Maria Castellanos, model the same outfits to show how they appear on different types of looks. body ; she also offers style tips, like what to wear with a leather skirt, and even recreated one of her mom’s retro looks.

From the March 2021 issue of FASHION.

@denisemmercedesMe and @mariacastellanos_ri were tired of the transitions so we danced Looks of @abercrombie ## stylenotsize♬ Own brand freestyle – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac

Style advice and vintage inspirations abound on Toronto’s @lexsonator wire. Lexson Millington’s muses vary from Andre 3000 to SpongeBob SquarePants (so you know he makes space for fun and fearlessness in fashion), and you’ll be totally delighted at the cheerful color combinations he cradles. You’ll also get a lesson in the versatility of different pieces, as Millington is rarely seen without one of his trusty Telfar bags or his Louis Vuitton mini clutch (from the Takashi Murakami collaboration, of course).

From the April 2021 issue of FASHION.

@lexsonatorOOTD💞 SCARF## fyp ## grwm ##fashion ##outfit ## tiktokmode ## torontooriginal sound – Lexson Millington

This Los Angeles-based economy fanatic describes herself as a “digital hype woman,” and what excites her most is wearing second-hand pieces – the more budget-conscious and trend-conscious, the better – that can be found not only in brick and mortar stores. but also real estate sales and sites like Depop. From her spirited revelations of particularly successful “ride” purchases to her DIY tips for personalizing used parts, Macy Eleni is a strong advocate not to buy new things, especially for those unfamiliar with shopping. vintage.

From the May 2021 issue of FASHION.

@blazedandglazedWINTER SAVINGS !!! who’s SO ready for Ohio savings… 😍👏🏼😭 ##saving ## thrifthaul ## thrifttryonoriginal sound – BlazedAndGlazed

Photographer Johnny Cirillo is one of the few TikTok accounts to satisfy our appetite for intriguing street style with his candid shots of people spending their day on the sidewalks of the Big Apple. He captured a casual roller skater wearing an iridescent fanny pack and Hello Kitty face mask and a flamboyant musician who adorned his guitar with an oversized multicolored scarf – just average New Yorkers who look anything but ordinary. And the authenticity of their ensembles – something often lacking in the hyper-polished images of Fashion Week, in which those who pose are paid to wear certain pieces – is endlessly endearing.

Extract from the summer 2021 issue of FASHION.

@watchingnewyork“Everything I wear is saved today.” – Morgan ## fyp ## for your page ##for you ##fashion ## nyc ##style ## street style ## vintage ## saved ## economical modeoriginal sound – Johnny Cirillo

Prepare to be mesmerized by this French magazine editor’s stylish yet adventurous outfits, whether she wears Chanel flats and a bold print scarf to tidy up the house or flaunts a range of holiday-worthy looks that make us wish that the caftans season lasts all year round. Karina Vigier’s intrepid approach to dressing – an approach that marries all kinds of aesthetics – is so alluring; she favors big chains in bright colors for glasses and admits to being addicted to wax prints. Indeed, you’ll see a lot of those hard-hitting wardrobe pops on her feed. His styling tips also give rise to a break. Who better to show us how to asymmetrically button a blouse than a woman who exudes that elusive French cool?

From the September 2021 issue of FASHION.

@karinavigierReply to @ camiiilllaaaaa677777100 Style 0 😱 But I like myself ❤️ ## karinavigier ## over50withstyle ##my style ##shock ## reply commentoriginal son – Karina Vigier Official

Austin Ottone is a Vancouver-based fashion designer whose work embodies the green ethic we’ve come to associate with the West Coast. His creative approach focuses on reusing materials (see how he produces his pieces via his social platform), and he provides educational advice on DIY projects, like how to sew a patch on a garment. Unique among other Tiktok style accounts, Ottone also shares tips for restoring items like old leather boots and how he goes about making artistic enhancements with clothing dyeing. If you’re in the mood to tinker with your own wardrobe, this news feed is full of ideas.

From the October 2021 issue of FASHION.

@austinotoneKimono samples for my POP-UP from December 11 to 12 ## austinotone ## 1 of 1 ## Vancouver ##personalize ##breakdown ## street clothes ##fashion designer ## fashion design♬ I can’t stop (Ekali Tribute) – Pavillon Flux

Classic one-liners and zingers are plentiful on male model Mathieu Simoneau’s TikTok. The antithesis of the oblivious Ben Stiller’s Derek Zoolander, the Korean-Canadian serves up a heavy dose of charm, wit, and intelligence as he shares behind-the-scenes clips and roasts himself in the process. Iconic quotes from Simoneau’s “What I think on the runway” series include “I can’t see God at all please guide me”, “You are walking behind Bella Hadid, DON’T give a damn. ‘please’ and ‘don’t laugh’ (to name a few).

From the November 2021 issue of FASHION.

@mathieusimoneauThe voice makes the ending so funny lolU RIGHT X LUXURIOUS – Baby Q💖

Montreal expat Carla Rockmore is changing the face of TikTok, one eclectic outfit at a time. At 54, the jewelry designer is leading the 50’s plus style platform movement with a mix of flair and fun and has been dubbed by her followers as ‘the real Carrie Bradshaw’, driven by her aesthetic. and his shoe fetishism. No fashion snob, Rockmore is just as excited about a flea market trinket or Zara staple as she is about a Dries Van Noten piece, bringing them all together in a hi-lo style merry-go-round.

Extract from the Winter 2022 issue of FASHION.

@carlarockmoreA good hat hides a bad hairstyle, enhances your style and gives an incognito glamorous effect. ## styleinspo ## fashiontiktok ## fashioninspo ##transitionoriginal sound – Carla Rockmore

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