Detroit (CBS Detroit) – One in four girls will be sexually abused. These broken and abused children, if they do not have the opportunity to heal, become broken adults who are vulnerable to many injustices in society. Mend on the Move, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit social enterprise, employs abuse survivors in the Detroit metro area to create jewelry that provides them with an income while they recover.

The jewelry is created from reclaimed auto parts and car seat leather as a symbol of our commitment to serving women locally in the automotive city. By learning jewelry making techniques, survivors can earn an income and gain confidence and independence during their recovery.

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“I myself am an abuse survivor. I am a jewelry artist, I have been a jewelry artist for 10 years, ”explains founder and CEO Joanne Ewald. “My faith in Christ has really helped me and allowed me to heal.

“It’s actually being able to create something yourself,” says Ewald. “It gives you that sense of accomplishment, that you have something to give. The idea of ​​using auto parts came to my mind because we serve women in Detroit.

“These women have been through so much already, they have the capacity. They are strong, they have been abused, they have lived an addiction, they have lived in prison or in prison.

“It’s inspiring to see a nonprofit come in and give women a goal to achieve,” said Creative Supervisor Dawn Wood. “It gave me a new outlook on life, I always thought for so many years that I was worthless, destined to be an addict for the rest of my life. It really inspired me that life can be better than I’m used to.

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“When I look into the eyes of these women, I have learned to love and care for them,” says Ewald. “They just need someone to talk to, to give them hope and opportunity, to be that person who says they’re doing a great job.”

“I see so much potential and sometimes they don’t see that potential in themselves, and that’s really what it is, which makes me so honored to be a part of it.”

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